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Best Premium Category Killer Generic Single Word Domain

Why Own One?

Owning a Premium Category Killer Generic Single Word Domain says it all, for businesses who want to establish themselves as the leader in their industry.  When the internet was in its early days, the renowned Domain King Rick Schwartz ( had the insight and vision to invest in and purchase some of the leading domains.  In a recent blog post from December 22, 2015, Mr. Schwartz stated “Domains ARE the real estate of the future. It was true 20 years ago and it is FACT today.” We feel this couldn’t be stated any better.  Mr. Schwartz goes on to state “Is a domain a commodity? An investment? A safe haven? Real estate? Yes and much more. It is the most portable asset the world has ever known.”   According to Michael Cyger, the outstanding Domain Sherpa ( , regarding the future of exact match domains, “Exact-match domains will continue to be in high demand by business owners and website publishers because users implicitly trust them like brands, they receive type-in traffic, they rank more easily in search engine results, and the supply is limited.”


According to  Sebastian Dieterle and Ralph Bergmann of  Business Information Systems II, University of Trier, Trier, Germany, “Domain names are often seen as the land, and web sites as the buildings, of the virtual world. Due to their uniqueness, premium domain names achieve high market prices.”


Thies Lindenthal, from Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Center for Real Estate, Cambridge, MA,  in the paper “Valuable Words: The Price Dynamics of Internet Domain Names,” states the following: “A domain name provides a virtual street address for any website or service on the Internet.”….” An appealing domain name like is easy to recall and quickly entered. In this sense, an intuitive domain name is like a convenient down-town address linked to excellent transportation systems. Long or cryptic domain names are more burdensome, which is comparable to a longer commute to a location somewhere in the outskirts.” The following graph, showing the price of domains vs the NASDAQ 100 is very revealing, as to the appreciating value of domain names.

sedo idnx graph domains vs stock market
sedo idnx graph domains vs stock market NASDAQ 100
For these reasons, as well as many others on this site, Premium Category Killer Generic Single Word Domain Names are made available to select individuals or companies who want to take advantage of the power behind these names.  We invite you to contact us if you are interested in any of the domain names listed on this site.

12 Reasons To Own a Great Ultra Premium Single Word Generic Domain Name



  1. No single generic keywords in dot com remain unaccounted for
  2. People search internet for keywords (nouns, adjectives, verbs): you should own them
  3. A powerful generic name in dot com, which describes your service or answers the needs of your customers, is powerful, memorable, insightful, and solidifies you as the dominant player in the market
  4. Location, Location, Location. A powerful single word generic domain name is valuable virtual real estate in the digital world!  What does your digital footprint say about you?
  5. Single Word Generic Category Killer Domain Name: self explanatory
  6. Companies pay greatly for Branding, Pay Per Click, TV ads: Single Word Names produce greater “Bang for the Buck”
  7. Most people and companies stuck in “old school” advertising and thinking: by the time they wake up, the generic name which defines their industry will be taken by a competitor
  8. Dot com’s remain the dominant space of recognition, bringing prestige to companies who own them
  9. Give your customers confidence and trust, as only one or two industry leaders will own their category
  10. Single Word Generic domain names are easy to remember
  11. Short Single Word Generic Domain names are easy to spell, and difficult to misspell.
  12. Single Word Generic domain names are brandable


The Need For Generic Keywords

There are no single word generic domain names in the .com (dot com) extension which have not already been taken.  Many corporations are placing one of their most valuable advertising assets, their websites, on domain names which in reality, don’t do them justice. People are usually not searching the internet  for the brand name of a company!  They are searching for what they need (such as a car, or a lawnmower, or a service such as a “gas station near me”), which consists of nouns, adjectives and verbs, but not company brand names, and not confusing website names. Pay Per Click Ads, which are powerful advertising tools that Google and Bing have mastered, cost the advertiser money each time a potential customer clicks on the ad.  Why do companies pay big money to Google and Bing to advertise this way?  BECAUSE IT WORKS!  Google and Bing bring millions of customers searching for a product or service, such as “eye glasses,” to the websites of companies who offer that service or product. 

The problem with a company having a website with their brand name, is that it take a tremendous amount of advertising in order for people to recognize what they company is about.  For example, Barnes and Noble started, years ago, as a very large bookstore in Manhattan, New York City.  If someone in Los Angeles heard the name “Barnes and Noble,” they likely had no idea what the company did.  Of course, the company grew to many locations across the country, and also developed a powerful website  They spend significantly to always reinforce the idea and remind customers that they sell books.  What if they owned the domain or ?  Wouldn’t that help them tremendously?  Well, they do, and it does.  Barnes and Noble owns both of those names, and when you go to either of those sites, you are redirected to the main site  Their visionary leaders decided to “own the future.”  Owning a single word generic keyword is powerful, and a company can either build that website out, or redirect it to their website which already exists. 


Dominate Your Internet Advertising Space

When you see a business located on Watusi Street in a rural town in the Midwest, it may be a great business.  When you learn the business is instead located on Fifth Avenue in New York City, overlooking Central Park, does a different image of that business come to mind?  Of course it does.  The same holds true with internet websites.  Your domain name is your “virtual address,” and domain names are “virtual real estate.”  There is no doubt that everyone on the planet knows that owning a single word domain name in the dot com, is difficult to do, and associated with this comes the clout and prestige of a premium address in Uptown Manhattan, New York City. 

Location, Location, Location!  It works in the real world!  It works in the digital internet world.  Your digital web address speaks for you, and it speaks about you.  Only a few people will dominate the generic word space for their industry.  If it isn’t you, it will be another company.

Include the Future of Advertising In Your Advertising Strategies of the Past

Most companies have their own trademarked website, but this is not sufficient in today’s internet advertising space, because most customers search by terms which define what they need, rather than searching for a specific company.  Think about it, there are tens, hundreds and even thousands of companies which compete to provide a service or deliver a product.  Everyone knows this, but not every company will have the wisdom, insight, funds, and proactivity, to own their space.  This speaks about the company, their leadership, and tells the world that they are a force to be reckoned with.  If my book store name were ABC Books for Discerning Readers in the Midwest, and my website was, what would that say about my store?  Even if I had a 200,000 square foot store, the first impression of my business by a casual observer would be luke warm, at best.  On the other hand, if that same business owned, I would immediately think that they were a dominant player in the industry, and would have immediate confidence and trust in them.  Again, we congratulate Barnes and Noble! 

Many of the world’s most powerful and influential companies (over 250) and their leadership have recognized this, and made strategic moves to dominate their space, and secure the keyword single word generic names associated with their industry.  They are to be congratulated on the vision and insight to do this.  You can join them.  Below are just a few examples (see bottom of page  for a more comprehensive list of over 250 major worldwide corporations ) of some of the most powerful single word generic category killer domains, and the major corporations who bought them:

 by Barnes and Noble
 by Barnes and Noble
 by Bank of America
 by Honda
 by Disney
 by Procter and Gamble
 by Crest/Procter and Gamble
          dishes by Dawn/Procter and Gamble
,, by 1800 Contacts
 by AOL
 by Oracle Corporation
 by CNET
 by Kay Jewelers
 by Toys R Us
 by 1-800 FLOWERS
 by 1800 Wheelchair
 by Russian Standard
 by Trulia
 by Travelocity
 by TIME
 by Sales Force IQ
 by 21st Century Insurance

          etc  (see below for more)




Having a category killer single word generic domain name allows a company to 1) capture additional web traffic by helping organic search, 2) decrease cost of Pay Per Click campaigns, but most importantly 3) owning a single word generic domain name allows a company to “own the space” with what is known as a category killer in their industry.  Most consumers search the web using generic keywords, and  owning critical keywords in the .com TDL (top level domain) is important to the growth and reputation of businesses, and this separates a business from its’ competitors.


Single Word Generic Domain Names are Easy to Remember

The human brain is very adaptable.  Years ago, before smart phones, people had to remember their friends’ phone numbers.  Now, we search for their name in our contacts, and the phone dials.  The same is true with entering a domain in the URL bar of an internet browser.  Single word generic names are easy to remember.  The dot com space remains the dominant space.  There is nothing easier to remember than a simple generic word in the dot com space.  Again, we use and as an example, both owned by Barnes and Noble. 

Not only are single word generic names easy to remember, but the likelihood of misspelling them is low.  There are websites which capitalize upon the mistakes of users, misspelling an intended name, and landing on the site of a competitor.  With short single word generic names, the likelihood of this happening is low.